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Takto žije například v Katovicích!

Plzeň lives to the fullest in the summer!

Multigenre festival Vivid Street - Pilsen Encounters continues with an eighteen–year old tradition, whose predecessor was the festival Na ulici (On the street), which in the time leading up to reaching it's full age build up an excellent reputation in the whole town of Plzeň. With honor to tradition and precision typical to us, to the west bohemian metropolis we want to bring music, theatre and other activities on an international level. We want to transform the the squares and parks of  Plzeň into one big stage, the way we do with the biggest street theatre festival Za dveřmi (Behind doors) or the accompanying program of the music festival United Islands. Both programs for several years have put summer boredom in Prague into the past. That's exactly how we want  to transform summer Plzeň into a vibrant culture center.

The whole festival is free and so the residents of Plzeň and the Plzeň region can look forward to 16 days in the course of 3 months full of musical, theatrical and accompanying programs

We'll meet in the festival Vivid street!

The program takes place under the patronage of the mayor of the town of Plzeň Mgr. Martin Baxa

"Summer is near and with it comes time for vacation, when many of us leave town, its sizzling streets and square. I remember the 90s, when it was hard to meet someone familiar in Plzeň during July or August. Everyone, or at least it seemed so, was gone. It was no surprise, certainly it was more pleasant to spend hot summer days somewhere by the sea, especially when nothing interesting was happening in Plzeň.

The arrival of the festival On the street, which originally started in the mid 90s as a festival of Jazz, strings and street theatre, conditions started to change in the course of the festival. More and more people stayed in Plzeň  and even non-Plzeň residents started coming over. The festival became a tradition and by the beginning of August the Plzeň  square, even adjacent streets and surrounding areas were unusually full of people, who like music, theatre, but also sitting in summer cafes, or those who came just to feel the pleasant atmosphere to which it's all connected.

To this tradition, the festival Vivid Street also wants to follow up with the subtitle Plzeňská setkání (Pilsen Encounters), which in the streets and on the squares of the west bohemian metropolis takes place from June to September with the offering of art in different forms and genres including live music concerts and theatrical plays or happenings. Our organizer, on the grounds of a selection procedure in the field of a renowned town two-year grant, has become the experienced agency from Prague, ART Prometheus, which in cooperation with other local culture subjects, wants to offer a truly good quality program, for Plzeň residents and visitors of our town.

I believe that it will be so, and I would like to heartily invite you all. Let's go spend the summer afternoons, even evenings, together in the streets of Plzeň, let's enjoy good quality art and perhaps a cold beer to go with it, let's be together with actors and actors of vivid street. A pleasant summer vacation can be spent even in Plzeň!”


Mgr. Martin Baxa

mayor of the town of Plzeň


The project takes place also under the patronage of Bc. Eva Herinková, culture assistant of the mayor of Plzeň 

The association Art Prometheus o.s. in the years 2012-2013 arranged a culture project under the name of „Živá ulice - Plzeňská setkání”(Vivid Street - Pilsen Encounters), which is supported by a grant of corporate town Plzeň. This festival connects to the long-standing festival Na ulici (On the street), it is its continuation but at the same time brings a new vision to this traditional project. Its main asset lies in reviving the town streets with culture. Within the festival there will be different musical and theatrical productions to be seen in the streets, and even independent and amateur productions, but at the same time the traditional form of the main block on Náměstí Republiky (Square of the Republic) will be preserved, which I very much welcome. Therefore with great pleasure I accept patronage over the festival Živá ulice - Plzeňská setkání (Vivid Street - Pilsen Encounters)."

Bc. Eva Herinková

assistant of the mayor

We're doing this festival for you. Only for you. Therefore we'd be glad if you would participate. Do you have an idea how to make life better in Plzeň? Or did you figure out what comes first – the egg or the chicken? Participate!