Opening line

Jakub Vedral, ředitel festivalu

We're at the beginning, we accepted a big challenge, we picked up the gauntlet, we're getting ready, looking forward, we're confident, with great humility we're trying to offer the best we can.

We're at the beginning, but we are continuing with a rich and good tradition. We're at the beginning, which, in fact, isn't the beginning, we are Živá ulice (Vivad street), we're Vivad street On the street. We accepted the challenge to create something new, and with this challenge we also accepted the responsibility of continuing with things traditional.

We're looking forward to the fact that Plzeň wants a big summer festival right in the heart of town, it's the dream of every organizer. We believe that in the little time we have we'll be able to prepare mostly for the audience, for experiences, for moments of gathering.

We worked on three continents, we worked on projects with a visitation rate of millions, always in good faith, always to the core, always consciously, always confident of the necessity to honor the magic and beauty a given place!

We're proud to be in Plzeň, we're learning about it, getting to know it, honoring it and growing increasingly fond of it. We're trying to listen to what the Town is saying, we're looking for stories of the parks and streets in the heart of the town and with great seriousness we integrate it all into the program.

This multi-genre festival Vivid Street - Pilsen Encounters

is a challenge, it's a thrown gauntlet for all the residents of the town, region, it's a chance to create something new, human, colorful, it's a chance to create a festival, which will be visited by people from the whole republic, for it's original atmosphere and openness.

We're looking forward to the gatherings.


Jakub Vedral

director of Živá ulice – Plzeňská setkání (Vivid Street Festival - Pilsen Encounters)