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Po mnoho let procházíme životem ruku v ruce uměním!

Who are we and what do we stand for 

The non-govermental association ART Prometheus introduces a platform for realizing cultural, theatrical, art and pastime activities. In the long term we've been cooperating with a line of renowned independent theatre groups, including mainly Divadlo Continuo, Teatr Novogo Fronta, Décalages - theatre in motion, Nori Sawa but also Long Vehicle Circus or V.O.S.A. Theatre. We've been part of many exclusive projects – from the realization of theatrical supporting programs on EXPO 2010 in Shanghai over the Karlovarský Karneval to securing supporting programs of the music festival United Islands.

“The power of Vivid street lies in its colorfulness and openness. We'll create a place for gathering. We'll create a place without barriers. For meeting with neighbors, friends, a place for families with children,” - Jakub Vedral, director of Vivid street festival.


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Did you know that in the performance of V.O.S.A. Theatre (on the photo) 25 logs were used but not one nail? Take a look  at how they did it!