Discover bands at the Vivid Street Festival: Which concerts to keep an eye on?

If you’re looking for a fresh local and international music scene, here’s a couple suggestions what to keep an eye on this year.

Discover bands at the Vivid Street Festival: Which concerts to keep an eye on?

For the following days of the festival, we’ve prepared hundreds of familiar artists, as well as progressive alternative newcomers, whom you may know of, but are yet to be publicly noticed.

One of the main drives we see evolving is within the progressive scene, presented artists such as Berts and Friends, Manon Meurt, Bratři or Seventh Passion. The Czech duo Khoiba will present their new album which was released this spring.

“The Vivid Street festival gives way to non-mainstream genres. Our goal is to connect visitors with bands and artists whom are worthwhile, but aren’t getting much public attention. Multiple artists performing have been nominated or have won awards.” as the line up coordinator, Matěj Halaš, depicts. For example, artist Jericho Zagami released a homemade EP two years ago. That same year she was nominated by the Vinyl Awards for New Artist. 2017 was fortunate as well for duo named KALLE. They received an award for Album of the Year.

To witness the alternative scene on skin, visit either the Angel Cafe Stage, Zach’s pub or the selected pop up bar Inspiral Garden located in Šafaříkových sadech.

In position of booking coordinator, Michael Tardik, comments: “These stages will be hosting performers from Austria (Lex Audrey), Argentina (IAH) or Australia (Loonaloop). The Vivid Street festival makes space for international influences which become inspiring for a diverse audience, including musicians, artists and other participants. Don’t hesitate to look up the unknown and familiarize yourself with what’s new and upcoming.” 


So, what not to miss? Here’s a tip for everyday:

13. 8. Inspiral Garden - Loonaloop / AUS

14. 8. Inspiral Garden - Bulbul / AT

15. 8. Anděl Café Stage - KHOIBA / CZ

16. 8. náměstí Republiky - KALLE / CZ

17. 8. Anděl Café Stage - Zagami Jericho / CZ

18. 8. Anděl Café Stage - Lex Audrey / AT


You can find the rest of the line up at this link.